Ways to Improve the Quality of Air in Urban Cities

Posted on: 12 December 2016

Air pollution can be considered among the worst environmental health issues that the world is currently experiencing. Air pollution is caused by smoke from car exhausts and smog from numerous industries all over the world, just to name a few sources. However, few people know how bad air pollution is in most of the urban cities in the world. Inhaling toxic fumes and contaminants in the polluted air causes various diseases, such as respiratory ailments, strokes and heart attacks. However, numerous things can be implemented in urban cities to improve the quality of air, and below are some examples that you may consider useful in your business.

Use Clean Diesel

The current fuels used in vehicles all over the world emit high levels of carbon dioxide, which increases the pollution levels in the air. Fortunately, technology has enabled fuel companies to clean up their products by producing clean diesel to be used by vehicles. A global acceptance and adaptation of clean-diesel use will result in a sharp decline in carbon-dioxide emissions from car exhaust into the air and environments in urban cities.

Create Limited-Access Areas in Urban Centres

The creation of limited-access areas in urban centres is another measure that can be taken to reduce the air pollution in urban cities. Most vehicles generate carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide in traffic jams all over cities, and this results in high concentrations of these two gases in cities. Creating limited-access areas in cities restricts vehicles from accessing various parts of the city and reduces the amounts of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide produced by these cars. Ultimately, the quality of air in the city will improve because there are fewer exhaust-fume zones in the city.

Consider Traffic Movement and Snarl-up

It is evident that traffic jams are an issue most urban cities all over the world face. This results in the production of exhaust fumes that lead in polluting the air in urban cities. Therefore, it is imperative that you implement measures to reduce traffic jams in cities. These methods include encouraging people to use rail as a method of transit, carpool, telecommute and use bus transit. These methods will reduce the overall quantity of vehicles accessing the urban city on a daily basis, and this results in lowering the quantity of exhaust fumes that pollute the air.

Promote Cycling and Walking to Reduce Traffic

Encouraging people to cycle and walk in urban cities is another way to reduce pollution in urban cities. Increasing the access for pedestrians and cyclists in cities is an effective way to encourage physical health while at the same time discouraging vehicle use. People will end up abandoning their cars at home and cycling their way to work or parking their cars in parking lots located outside the city and walking the remaining distance. In the end, measures like this will reduce air-pollution levels drastically and promote better physical health for the people living in urban areas.