Easily Transplant A Small Citrus Tree To Promote Healthy Growth

Posted on: 25 August 2014

If two small citrus trees are present on your property, and they appear to be too close together, you may want to consider moving one of them so that they have plenty of room to grow. Both trees will begin to flourish by being in an area where they will receive plenty of sunlight. Citrus trees that remain close together have a tendency to produce small amounts of fruit. This is because the foliage from each tree becomes intertwined, causing some portions to receive too much shade. You can transplant one of the trees by completing some essential steps.

Use These Items:

  • garden spade
  • heavy duty tarp
  • mulch 
  • wooden stakes
  • post driver
  • rope
  • watering can

Plan Where You Will Place The Tree And Dig 

Before moving the tree, decide which area in your yard will be the most suitable. Pick an area that receives plenty of sunlight. Also make sure that the area provides sufficient drainage. As long as you haven't noticed puddles forming during heavy rainstorms, it will be an area that will work well. Dig a hole that is much wider than the base of the tree. This will allow plenty of room for the roots. Dig the hole around 50 centimeters deep. The root ball should rest right below the surface of the ground. 

Dig Out The Tree

Use a garden spade to begin loosening the soil that surrounds the citrus tree. Make sure that you are careful as you dig deeper, you do not want any of the roots to become damaged. This step requires patience and careful movements. Take your time and dig deeply, removing sections of dirt and placing them in a pile. Have a friend assist you with this step, if possible. They can hold onto the trunk of the tree and will be able to tell when it feels as if it is beginning to move.

Move The Tree To The New Location

After the root ball is exposed, place two hands on the tree trunk and gently pry the tree from the ground. If the tree is too heavy to carry across your property, you can lay it on a tarp and drag it to the new location. Once there, lift it until it is an upward position and carefully place it into the hole. Add dirt to the hole, pressing it down firmly around the tree. Continue to fill in the hole until the dirt is level with the rest of the ground. 

Add Mulch And Support The Tree

Water the tree and add mulch around the base. The mulch will assist with keeping the roots moist and will prevent weeds from growing close to the tree. Mulch will also add beauty to the area that you have chosen to plant the tree. Use a post driver to insert a wooden stake into the ground on each side of the tree. Tie rope around the trunk of the tree and attach it to each stake.

The stakes will assist with keeping the tree, like from Knock Out Trees, supported until the roots are strong and begin to take hold. As long as the tree receives water and sunlight regularly, you will eventually notice that it is growing well and the fruit level may begin to increase.