4 Ways To Determine If A Tree Needs To Be Removed From Your Yard

Posted on: 21 August 2014

Having a dead tree in your yard can be quite dangerous. Dead trees do not have strong roots, which can cause them to be very easily blown over if a strong storm passes through. It is best to have dead trees removed from your yard as soon as possible to eliminate the chances of the tree falling on your home, cars, or a family member. In order to have the trees removed, you first need to be able to easily spot which trees are dead or dying and which are healthy. Below is a guide for identifying which trees in your yard need to be removed right away.

Look for Leaves

A tree that is dead or in the process of dying will not produce leaves the way a healthy tree will. If you notice that a tree has no leaves on it during the late spring and early summer months of the year, there is a good chance that it is dead or soon will be.

Check the Bark

Most trees have bark that is very secure to the tree itself. If you are able to easily chip away the bark from the tree or notice that it has fallen away from the tree, there is a good chance that the tree is ready to be removed from your yard.

Feel the Base

The base of a tree should be strong and firm. If the base feels tender and squishy, something is wrong with the tree. It may have a disease and may be saved, if you hire an arborist to diagnose the issues at hand. A common disease with trees is anthracnose. Anthracnose causes fungi to develop on the leaves of the tree and eventually take it over by causing the leaves to die and fall away. An arborist will inform you how to treat the anthracnose and save the tree, if possible.

Step on the Roots

If you step on the roots of the tree and they collapse under your weight, the tree is suffering from root rot. Root rot causes the roots of the tree to rot away, taking away the ability of the tree to securely stand on its own. Root rot is one of the leading causes for trees falling over during a powerful storm.

A professional tree removal company, such as North Shore Tree Services, can take care of the removal process for you. They will have the heavy equipment that is needed to remove the trees, while ensuring that they do not fall on your home in the process. It is important to specify if you want to keep the wood or have it hauled away. Some of the wood may be great to use during the winter months in a wood burning fireplace.